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DIY Gone Horribly Wrong

Hey guys! Have I got a story for you!

I was feeling in the creative mood and I got a great idea for a project that I could post about. I decided to try it out real quick and see if it would actually work. I got all my supplies out, I started my project, and I took a picture. Then it was time to paint.After long deliberation, I decided to paint Strawberry Shortcake's hair purple. I got my purple acrylic tube out, I shook the bottle to get the paint mixed up, and ...


Aim For the Target and Shoot!

Hey there!

Some of you know that I have never been one for sports. I can watch a little bit of soccer and baseball and tennis, but It's just not really my thing. Well, recently I became somehow interested in archery. I don't know if it was because My mom had talked about it before, or because I saw it on Once Upon a Time so much, or just because it seemed cool. Whatever the reason, I liked it. . .