Easter Artwork ~ Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!  I just wanted to share with you all two pieces of Easter artwork that I did this weekend.  I was going to do a DIY for you guys, but I forgot to take pictures while I was doing it. (Whoops!)

A super cute Easter watercolor bunny!

So first is this Watercolor bunny inspired from Pinterest.  I saw one of  these and thought, Hey why not try to paint one of those!  It turned out super cute and I’m very happy with how it looks, considering I’ve not done much watercolor.  It’s fairly easy if you take your time and don’t freak out every time you make a mistake.  Just remember: its just artwork.  It’s not meant to be perfect!

An elegant hand lettering piece for Easter

This lettering was super quick but turned out super cute I think.  Try your own hand at it! So to create this piece I used very few tools: pencil, teal marker, peachy-red marker, black pen, and eraser.  I started off by sketching out my design lightly with pencil.   Then, I outlined the text with my favorite UniBall Signo black pen.

An elegant hand lettering piece for Easter

I traced the vines and leaves in the teal marker and the flowers in the red.  The rabbit had a bit more detail.  I really didn’t want those ugly stripes that you get when you overlap marker so I placed down a very light layer of turquoise with a Crayola crayon.  Then I went over the rabbit with the teal marker.  

An elegant hand lettering piece for Easter

The “Happy” I did using faux calligraphy.  It sounds super hard but it’s not!  Basically, you just write in normal cursive and then thicken the lines that you went down on (the downstrokes).  If you want to see an in depth post about faux calligraphy, see this post that I learned from.

An elegant hand lettering piece for Easter

Just a quick side note: Easter isn’t actually about bunnies and easter egg hunts.  It’s about remembering that the same Christ that died on the cross to save us from our sinfulness isn’t still dead. He is risen and alive today!  Take time to remember the reason for Easter and to thank God for sending his son to die for everyone on this earth and rising again.  Enjoy your Easter!

❤️ Rachel

  • You are REALLY talented Rachel! I love the lettering!!!!
    I’ve done faux calligraphy before and it’s really fun!!
    Thanks for the post!

  • So beautiful!! You are so talented!

  • Thanks girl 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it!