Hey there!  I’m Rachel and I run the Blogging Brownie.

I am a 15 year old blogger with a love for baking, cooking, painting, and Algebra.  One of my goals in life is to one day open up a bakery.  Every time I bake, I just know that that’s something I could do every day of my life!  I would also love to be a Kindergarten teacher.  Little kids are so cute and fun.  That and the whole idea of making a daily plan, bulletin boards, the whole summer off?!  It excites me!  I love surfing on Pinterest, reading fanciful books,and graphic design.  Painting and drawing are some of my other hobbies; I love doodling all sort of people and random things.  I really enjoy painting with acrylics, watercolors, and oil paints too.


I knew I wanted to have a blog, but when it came to a name, I kept hitting a wall. It seemed like all the names I thought of were already taken. At first, I thought I wanted peculiartreasure.com , then I thought of polkadotpigeon.com. They were both taken.  For a while, I couldn’t think of anything.  I made lists of possible names and I took suggestions given to me by my family; however, so many of them had been used already!   Then my sister helped me come up with the Blogging Brownie. It was perfect because I love baking and writing and the name combined them both!  When it came to a “logo,” I didn’t know what to do until my mom suggested I draw a brownie, since that’s what the blog would be called.  I drew a little brownie, who actually looks like it’s dancing, and now that’s my logo.


I learned to bake about two and a half years ago. The first thing I ever made was a boxed cake mix.  It was an extreme letdown because it was too simple for me.  Even though I was only eleven, I wanted to do much more.  My mom had received a cupcake recipe book with all these dreamy cupcakes and it inspired me to bake.  After hounding my mom, she finally agreed to let me learn to bake.  She taught me how to measure different things, follow recipes, and be organized in the kitchen.  Now, I love baking cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and pretty much everything and anything!

I don’t know everything about baking or art, but I hope to share the stuff I learn with you, dear reader!  Be sure to check out my instagram, @BloggingBrownie, and my Twitter, @BloggingBrownie !