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5 Ways to Use Your Baking Skills

Baking is really fun to do, but if you have no way to put your baking skills to use, you will end up with a pile of cupcakes.  Which is not bad, because then you can eat them yourself! 🙂  But wouldn’t it be nice to have some other way to share the wonderful creations you make with others?

1. Parties at Work, Church, or School

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Donuts Are Amazing. Period.

Hey guys!

Donuts are amazing. Period. What more can be said about the topic? A doughnut is a doughnut, but there are so many different flavors and brands! So which doughnut is best? Let's find out! Krispy Kreme Krispy Kreme is so good! Soft and warm glazed donuts are the perfect thing for the cool fall weather approaching us! My favorite kind from crispy Kreme is the. . .


Aim For the Target and Shoot!

Hey there!

Some of you know that I have never been one for sports. I can watch a little bit of soccer and baseball and tennis, but It's just not really my thing. Well, recently I became somehow interested in archery. I don't know if it was because My mom had talked about it before, or because I saw it on Once Upon a Time so much, or just because it seemed cool. Whatever the reason, I liked it. . .